The Travelling Merchant was added in the 1.2.3 Update.

He has 250 HP, and comes when you have at least 2 NPCs. He stays for a day and leaves. He comes and goes frequently.


  • Dynasty Wood - 50 Copper
  • Sake - 5 Silver
  • Katana - 2 Gold, 50 Silver
  • Arcane Rune Wall - 2 Silver, 50 Copper
  • Pho - 30 Silver
  • Ammo Box - 15 Gold
  • Chalice - 50 Silver
  • Paint Sprayer - 10 Gold
  • Gatligator - 35 Gold
  • Mysterious Cape - 5 Gold
  • Winter Cape - 5 Gold
  • Extendo Grip - 10 Gold
  • Potrable Cement Mixer - 10 Gold
  • Pad Thai - 20 Silver
  • Red Dynasty Shingles - 50 Copper
  • Blue Dynasty Shingles - 50 Copper
  • Fancy Dishes - 20 Silver
  • Gypsy Robe - 2  Gold
  • Diamond Ring - 2 Platinum
  • Ultrabright Torch - 3 Silver


"I sell only what I can get. -Clothier's Name- keeps hounding me for exotic clothing."

"Combination of hookah and coffee maker! Also makes julienne fries!"

"Come and have a look! One pound fish! Very very good! One pound fish!"

"If you're looking for junk, you've come to the wrong place."

"Meet me behind -Guide's Name-'s house in about three hours, I think I have something you will find very appealing."

"I don't refund for "buyer's remorse..." Or for any other reason, really."

"That -Merchant's Name-, he really has no appreciation for a really good deal."

"A thrift shop? No, I only selling the highest quality items on the market."

"Buy now and get free shipping!"

"Hmm, you look like you could use an Angel Statue! They slice, and dice, and make everything nice!"

"You want two penny farthings!? Make it one and we have a deal."

"I sell wares from places that might not even exist!"


  • Willy
  • Rawleigh
  • Romeo
  • Eladon
  • Gallius
  • Bohemas

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