The Eater Of Worlds is the second non-Hard Mode Boss.


The Eater Of Worlds is made of segments, and each has life at drops. The Eater Of Worlds is easy to defeat, the things you might need is such as a Vilethorn, Bombs, and Basic Armor.


As said before, The Eater Of Worlds is made of segments, The Head (65 HP), Body Segment (150 HP), Tail (HP 220). They all have different defense as well, Head (0), Body Segment (15), and Tail (10). The Eater Of Worlds can be spawned by either destroying three Shadow Orbs in Corruption Chasms, or by using Worm Food.


The Eater Of Worlds has many drops, as most bosses do. Each Section -- 2-5 Demonite Ores (50%), 1-2 Shadow Scales (50%). On Defeat -- 5-15 Lesser Healing Potions (100%), Random Amount of Shadow Scales (100%), 20-60 Demonite Ores (100%).

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